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Real estate Law

Did you know? In Alberta, it is a legal requirement to have a lawyer help you with the purchasing and/or selling paperwork of property.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned home purchasing veteran, you require a real estate lawyer to ensure every aspect of your transaction goes off without a hitch. If this is your first time purchasing property, you’ll need someone to guide you through the tricky paperwork that needs to be completed in order to officially purchase or sell the property.

While our team specializes in the purchasing and selling portion of real estate law, our team can also assist with mortgage lending, commercial real estate and land and property development.

This is how we work



We understand that every client is different. That’s why we offer consultations with our lawyers to make sure you get the legal help you need.


Send Your Documents

Our team may require you to send us your documents. If we require them, please send your relevant documents to us. We will review them and answer the questions you might have about them and provide you with the advice you might need to address the issues arising in your situation. We will also determine if we are the right fit for you.


Start the Process

After your consultation with us and if we are the right fit for you, we will draft a contract, which will be signed by you and the lawyer who will be working with you. The contract will outline the terms of our engagement as your lawyer, including the fees that are payable for our professional services. Once the contract is signed and a deposit has been paid by you, we will start work on your file.

If your file is about personal injury arising from a motor vehicle accident, we may accept your file on a contingency basis. This means that we will be paid a certain percentage of what we recover on your behalf. If that is the case, we will not require a deposit from you. We will start working on your file once the agreement and the necessary consents have been signed by you.

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