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Old Wills & Estates

Are you in need of the creation of a will that safeguards your assets and those who will inherit them? Our team will go over every single detail of your estate with a careful eye to ensure tax incentives and the safety of your inheritables.

Areas of law

Wills and estates Edmonton

Establishing a plan for your will and estates may be one of the most bittersweet yet vital decisions you can make if you find yourself mid-life or in your retirement years. Divulging a plan that takes into consideration all of your assets prior to a surprise death can safeguard your family from a potentially divisive battle. The Duke Law Team is here to help you with any and all areas of estate planning that you need including:

Wills: Allow for the proper and orderly division of your property in the way that you want it to happen.

Enduring Powers of Attorney: Appoint a specific person to handle your financial matters when you are no longer able to do so.

Personal Directives: Appoints a trusted person to handle your personal and health care matters when you are no longer able to do so.