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Old Immigration Law

We use our expertise in the area to assist clients in ensuring that they get the right decision or get a fair hearing. We also represent clients in their applications for judicial reviews and appeals including sponsorship appeals and appeals against negative admissibility rulings.

Areas of law


Canada prides itself on being a melting pot full of cultures and nations from across the globe. At Duke Law, our mission is to assist with the provision of this dream through expert and knowledgeable immigration law advice. This can be an exciting time but it can also be a drawn out, elongated process due to Canada’s current backlog of millions of immigrants. With Duke Law, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with a team who understands the intricate and hidden details of immigration that will give you a huge advantage in your claim being successful.


Do I actually require an immigration lawyer to immigrate to Canada?

There is absolutely no law requiring that an immigration lawyer or legal practitioner be involved during the process however due to the complexity of paperwork and potential for things to go wrong, it is highly recommended. On top of this, once you hire a lawyer, all responsibility related to paperwork as well as any legal requirements that you are expected to comply with are out of your hands, and rest entirely on the lawyer to fulfill.