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We have the experience, knowledge and skills to assist clients with the following issues: custody/access, parenting, contact, child support, spousal/partner support, division of matrimonial property and divorce.

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Family Law Edmonton

When you need to protect your family and what matters most in this world, ensuring you have the guidance of an expert law firm who understands the dynamics of the legal system inside and out is of the utmost importance. With family law typically involving either divorce, child custody, property division or spousal support to name a few, to call it overwhelming and stressful would be an understatement. At Duke Law, we aim to stand firmly by your side throughout the entirety of your case as not just your lawyer, but also as a firm who cares. Whether you’re being dragged into a contested or uncontested divorce case, our lawyers have the expertise and know how to intelligently navigate the legal system to give you an edge at each interval of the legal procedure.

Divorce: Separation is a profoundly contentious matter that requires skilled legal insight in order to achieve intended legal goals such as asset division or child custody rulings.

Child Custody: Child custody cases are normally related to lawful partitions or separation procedures. It is common for guardians to share legitimate and actual authority for the child or children in question (joint care). On some occasions, the courts might grant one parent care while the other parent is granted just visitation. With this said however, if this court ruling has already been ruled, it is not set in stone and may be changed in a future proceeding.

Spousal support: These payments are provided to an ex-spouse as a way of ensuring that the ex-spouse is able to maintain a certain standard of living that was established during the marriage. The amount of spousal support that is paid is based upon a number of factors including income, the length of the marriage, and other community property issues.